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Normal Tubs Versus a Walk-In BathTubs
Standard bathtubs can be quite expensive to install. You can expect to spend a few thousand dollars getting one of these items installed in your home. Even though you may be able to stretch out and relax in the tub, you have to consider the various models you plan to install around your home. Some of the models are too heavy for your individual flooring structure, so you need to take that into consideration beforehand. Depending on your individual bathroom layout, you may be limited in the choices of tubs for your home.

They are perfect for those who have a limited range of mobility. Regardless of the layout of your bathroom, you can choose one of these tubs to help accommodate your space. Since they come in a number of different sizes, shapes and designs, you will always have a tub that is going to work perfectly for your home.

Depending on the model tub you choose, you can get a tub that has all the features of a spa. Not only are these tubs amazing, but you also have a full range of options to help accommodate your lifestyle and budgetary needs.

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Required Time for Assembly
The installation process varies accordingly, but on average, the following steps will help to ensure the process is completed properly:

Determine the size tub you want for your bathroom. If you already have an existing bathtub, you will need to have it removed beforehand. It is imperative that the contractor knows where the access hole is for your plumbing, which is normally directly behind the bathtub. In the event your bathroom doesn’t have an access hole, you will need to have a hole cut for one.

Before removing any of the fixtures, the water will need to be turned off for the entire home. The external plumbing will need to be removed next. Your drainage plug will need to be unscrewed and the caulking seal will need to be broken with a knife.

Piping will need to be addressed and determined if it will work for your new tub. If the piping doesn’t match the layout needed for your new tub, the plumbing will need to be adjusted accordingly before any new tub can be installed.

Beyond removing the old bathtub, you will also have to remove a row of tiles. Using a crowbar, the old tub will need to be removed from the wall. Position a piece of wood between the wall of the bathroom and the crowbar. This helps to ensure the tub is not damaged. Make sure the tub is pulled straight out to prevent damage.

Slide the new tub into place. Ensure the plumbing and drain holes are properly aligned, otherwise it could cause many issues when trying to bathe. All of the fixtures and plumbing will need to be adjusted for the new tub. The water can then be turned back on to ensure there are no leaks and the pressure is ideal.

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Will a Walk-in Tub Work in Your Home?

All walk-in tubs for seniors and handicap bathtubs are unique in a few ways compared to standard bathtubs and showers. Generally, you can find a walk-in tub that is the same length as or a bit shorter than your current bathtub. The most common length of a standard bathtub is 60 inches, and the width is usually 30 to 32 inches. Walk-in bathtubs can be as compact as 31 inches long. If you buy a freestanding bathtub that doesn’t rest near a wall, this isn t an issue, but if a space remains between your tub and a wall, this could present problems with water damage, mold and more.

This leads to another consideration: how much experience you have with plumbing, electrical wiring and construction. If you’ve installed large fixtures like this in the past and are confident you can tackle this project on your own, you can find some walk-in tubs made for DIY installation. However, it’s more likely that you will need a professional to remove your old tub and install the new one. This is an added cost you should consider before making your decision to buy a walk-in bathtub.

Speaking of plumbing, how’s your water pressure? One of these tubs can take up to 15 minutes to fill, depending on the water pressure and the faucet opening. Also, you need to make sure your water heater can keep up with the amount of water you’ll be using every time you fill up for a bath. A walk-in tub holds more water than a standard tub about 50 to 55 gallons as opposed to about 10 gallons, with an average-sized person displacing water. The most common water heater for a small-family home has a capacity of 40 to 50 gallons, so you may need to upgrade to an 80-gallon tank.

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Ideal Users of a Walk In Tub

Most of the time is used for those who are disabled or elderly. Since the tubs have a four-inch clearance, it makes it relatively easy for the user to step into the tub. Thanks to the grip bar, non-slip coating and seating, you will not have to worry about sliding upon entering or exiting the tub.

For those who are in a wheelchair, this tub is perfect for being able to relax in the comfort of the spacious seat without having to worry about how to cleanse yourself.

These help to provide you with the stability, security and peace of mind you desire for your bathroom.

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Important Questions About Walk In Tub Installation in Pedro Bay, Alaska 99647

How much water does it take to fill a walk in tub?
Your walk-in bathtub and shower holds 47 gallons of water with no one in it. Depending on the size of the person in the tub, it will take several gallons less to fill. As a point of reference: The average 10 minute shower uses 40-50 gallons.

How much does it cost to install a walk in tub?
The average cost of a standard walk-in tub installed is around $5,000-$7,000. For a tub installed with options such as hydrotherapy, the cost rises to around $10,000.

How does a walk in tub work?
Walk-in bathtubs or safety tubs contain a door built into the front or side. The user opens the door and walks or transfers from a wheelchair or lift into a seat which is molded into yhe tub. The door threshold is usually less than 4 inches high making access safer and easier than a conventional tub. Discounts on Walk in Tubs near Big Creek - Find the Best Installation Prices in West Virginia

How do you clean a walk in bath tub?
Mix a cup of bleach and a spoonful of automatic dishwashing soap into the water. Turn your system on, let it run for 15 minutes, and then drain the water. Now, refill the tub with warm water only. Let the system run for an additional 15 minutes.

How many gallons of water does it take to fill a bath tub?
A very small bathtub might hold 40 gallons, while a larger single person bathtub could easily hold 100 gallons or more. My bath tub holds 110 gallons (pictured above), and my 50 gallon water heater couldn’t even fill it with enough hot water to use the whirlpool jets.

Do Walk In Tubs use more water?
Yes, the walk-in tub does use more water than a standard tub; however it uses the same amount of water as a standard shower. The standard shower is 7 minutes long and uses 7 gallons a minute.

How much does it cost to get a walk in shower in Pedro Bay, Alaska?
The average cost is $400.00 to $600.00 for the tub and walls. Installation costs another $1,000.00 or more depending on complications such as running new plumbing, installing a unit on an upper floor, etc. They are often made of fiberglass, though other materials are available.

Are walk in tubs covered by Medicare in Alaska?
Walk-in bathtubs are generally not covered by Medicare because they are not considered “durable medical equipment”. Unlike hospital beds, wheelchairs, catheters, blood glucose monitors or nebulizers, a walk in bathtub can be used by anyone.

How long does it take for a walk in tub to fill up?
It is important to ask how long the tub takes to fill and drain. It varies by water pressure, but some fixtures fill faster than others. Best Bath walk-in tubs fill and drain in 6-8 minutes, others, like some hardware store discount tubs, take over 15 minutes to fill and drain. Discounts on Walk in Tubs near Cobbtown - Find the Best Installation Prices in Georgia

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The decision to purchase a walk-in tub is about more than simply renovating your bathroom or replacing an old tub. This decision is about your independence. Limited mobility doesn’t have to strip you of your dignity   you can stay in your own home and take a peaceful, rejuvenating bath. Read our articles about walk-in tubs to choose the one that’s right for you and your home in Pedro Bay.