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Originally Posted by KnifeHands Insulin? Where's the link where it talks about all the shit he takes. Irina shayk nude pics. When someone using gear claims natural and gives the impression to up and coming bodybuilders that nutrition and training are all you need and some Hyphy Mud LOL to gain that physique, then he is FILT. And I use gear and am open about it so I am not on a high horse nor do I look badly upon gear.

Our experience, though anecdotal, can help fill those gaps until the scientific community reaches consensus. Kali muscle nude pics. Can't believe he thinks people are going to believe him when he says he took some model pics and they released them and he couldn't do anything about them.

One of my biggest pet peeves. Submit a new text post. Does hi claim to still not take anything? He said exactly that and claims he was offered DBOL once but turned it down. His advice has absolutely nothing to do with macros. Kali Muscle blows up on MD forum, credit the getbig detectives.

Kali muscle nude pics

But then again he gets paid for having the body he does so we can't admit to his drug usage, he just needs to not even attempt to convince anyone he is natural and just avoid the topic. By 'claiming natty' you mean the same bullshit literally every other fitness personality does?

And in regards to that, he doesn't need to be as adamant and emphasize his naturalness which he pretty much does in every one of his cringeworthy videos. Looking at girls ass. All that shit and rec drugs in pill form. If someone advises you to eat pizzas on a bulk, thats wrong. And according to him eating snickers,top ramen and what not is the way to go. Really anyone with a partime job can take a shit ton of steroids What I mean by the comparison is that Kali hasn't done shit to anyone, and doesn't deserve to be 'exposed' any more than anyone else.

Clearly he would have realized something was up when he was told to get naked and grab his dick lol. Someone new to lifting might think this is solid advice and just start downing snickers hoping for muscle gains. Its a career killer. Originally Posted by obeast. Or you can just admit to making some bad decisions and stop the name calling. How is what he says different from the traditional eat everything in sight advice? Another Dumbass He is probably black too with a name like Prince, no racist.

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Getbig Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Forums. Big ass hardcore xxx. Says he got to just by upping his carbs and says you don't need steroids. Scotian Ambien is a Sleeping pill. Click here to return to the board.

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Why is it okay for Arnold to bullshit millions about Weider training and raw eggs for decades? Does hi claim to still not take anything? With the amount of money those websites pay just to make a video of you jerking off or whatever I don't blame him for doing it.

Quit the high horse bullshit. One of my biggest pet peeves. Anyone with half a fucking brain, including Kali, know he's not natty. Kali muscle nude pics. Agree, small dick, GH gut and he's not as hard as he claims he ain't killin no one plus he's like sooo natural, no PEDs ever, blah, blah, guy is turning into a joke!

Well, I guess that's bodybuilding for you I aint never did gay porn you bitch! Title of my comment: Antoine Vaillant sarcastically says he's natural, Jay Cutler has said "you do what you can to win.

Lol never even heard of some of this stuff Ambien is a sleep aid. What has been seen cannot be unseen. Sexy nude hunks. If someone advises you to eat pizzas on a bulk, thats wrong. I could go on forever. What a bad guy. Originally Posted by Vince Goodrum. How is what he says different from the traditional eat everything in sight advice? A, Arnold didn't lie about AAS usage. Submissionfytr on May 21, I hired Kali for a private session and I can tell you he is an utter professional accepts credit card, etc.

Clearly he would have realized something was up when he was told to get naked and grab his dick lol. Dude don't even compare this piece of shit to scooby. Kali explicitly claims natty. Naked green smoothie. Yeah, look up the Kali Muscle Story on youtube.

Originally Posted by david link went down.

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